Adoptive Parents Aren’t Alone: Finding Help through Adoption Agencies


Currently, there are approximately 2,000 California children waiting to find a loving new home, yet many potential parents are unsure about adoption. While they may want to step out and help a child have stability, love, and a place to succeed, many potential adoptive parents are unsure about the financial strain, their ability to provide care for children who maybe struggling with emotional issues, and their own qualifications as parents. Thankfully, Southern California adoption agencies don’t leave parents alone once they have received placement with a child.

The Adoption Assistance Program

The adoption process itself may require some money up-front to pay for things such as finger-printing, background checks, and special fees, but this money may be reimbursed depending on the situation with the Adoption Assistance Program or AAP. The AAP was created in 1980 to help people who want to adopt children but are unsure about the financial strain.


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